Sneak Peak ! Michael and Angela | Wedding

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon after the heavy downpour from Storm Lee that lasted almost a week. It was almost as if Lee decided to stop hiding the sky so that two beautiful people, Michael and Angela, could have their special day with warm sunshine and a little less stress.

Here’s a shot  to make you want to come back and see more when I get done processing them.

Congratulations Angela & Mike! See you when you get back !


Children’s pool party | fun photographer!

Kids had a blast playing in the pool on July 4th.  It was Ben’s first true pool fun. Izzy started the splashing and they all joined in. Little Kylie was constantly excited and joyful despite a few falls. The adults had a great time watching the little ones enjoying themselves and I was just happy to get a bunch of fun and cool shots.

Lincy Jarowski Photography. Copyright 2011.

The winner is….

Shirley Mathai, you are the winner!

The winning entry of the “Mommy and Me” contest was entered by Joey Mathews.

He wrote for his sister-

“Shirley is a single mom to her two kids: Matthew (10) and Maya (5).  In the last two years, Shirley’s life was marked by a series of events each more trying than the last:  She dealt with a divorce, being laid off from her job of over 10 years, relocating to a new city, and finally being diagnosed with and treated for advanced stage breast cancer.

Throughout it all, the thought of her two kids was what kept her going strong.  I can’t imagine anyone being dealt a hand so adverse, yet manage to maintain such a positive role.

Shirley is well on the road to recovery, though the chemotherapy and radiation have taken her hair.  She’s somewhat self-conscious about her new wig, and I believe a photoshoot would go a long way in helping her realize that the example she’s set for her kids speaks volumes more about her character than her hair. I can’t think of anyone more deserving.”

This entry moved me so much. I want to congratulate Shirley for being such a great sport and role model to all of us mothers.

Congratulations Shirley!

Tataleba Reunion and the eye project, Pittsburgh| Event photographer

The Tatateba Reunion at Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania

I missed the last 2 years because I was pregnant the one year and the next I had my baby. He was too small to travel 4 hours to the reunion. So this year we went and it was so good to visit everyone in the family after a long time. I was asked to take the Official Group photo and that was cool. We stayed at our cousin’s place this time instead of the regular Inns and that lend to a much more relaxed a fun weekend. Thanks Jason and Julie for hosting us and for the big BonFire!!! I am posting my favorite pics from the Reunion. At the bottom you will notice a fun project I did…

black and white (1 of 1) . Tataleba 2009_0064 bw

Tataleba 2009_0076Tataleba 2009_0176

Tataleba 2009_0077Sideling hill  2009_0269

Tataleba 2009_0127Tataleba 2009_0237

Tataleba 2009_0156


Tataleba 2009_0162



We all will miss you Uncle Charlie….Love you.

Tataleba 2009_0048



And for my Eye Project. …

Tataleba 2009_0219


Do you think you can pick out the males vs females from just looking at an eye? I was just curious.


Story Board-2

Carl’s Christening| Baptism photographer

I had the opportunity to photograph little Carl’s christening in New Jersey. We all had a great time. Its my first time to a greek family event and it was exciting. We met so many  wonderful people. Carl’s parents were filled with joy as they celebrated this big day and I am just happy that I got to be part of it. Here are some photographs from the event. And thanks Elaine for inviting us! And thank you Karl and Anna for welcoming us and letting us be part of Carl’s big day!
For viewing all photos from the event go here-(you will need the password) Carl’s Christening


L Carl Hagberg 251



L Carl 041



L Carl Hagberg 161



L Carl Hagberg 221



L Carl 129



L Carl 092



L Carl Hagberg 291.


Amanda’s Birthday

It was Amanda’s Birthday last week and I think she had lots of fun…here are some highlights…everyone got to sing karoake, the cake was a baskin robbins ice cream cake and there were 2 subs  6 feet long!
















Coltons Baptism

Teresa and Mike invited us to their son’s baptism and he was soooo cute!. I didnt have the best view but I took some shots the best I could. 












I love her in this photo. One of my best shots of the event I think.  I just love how she stays beautiful and calm holding her baby. I was able to change the color of the picture to the sutle pastels and its cool how the pink in her dress created some sutle drama.

Also in this photo is  where I see my D70’s limitations. Unfortunatley with my zoom lens its just wont cut it like the above pics which were taken with my 50mm prime lens. So I played with photoshop to enhance as best as I could. Well it will still be awhile before I can get that Nikon D300!! and maybe a faster zoom too…who knows… maybe my husband, you think???  Wait till then shots like these in low light will be awesome! 


I dont know who this girl is but she was part of the Baptism guests. I thought she looked cute and her pink outfit looked so pretty when I photoshoped the image to the sutle colors.


And heres Colton, as a bran new Christian boy! Hurray!


Thanks Teresa and Mike, for letting me photograph your son’s baptism!