Portraits | two little children



The Chenda | home portraits

One of my good friends from India sent my boys a really nice toy instrument…Chenda (an Indian drum).  It was really meant for Ben but Liam took an interest to it and found himself captivated by this cool looking thing. The evening sunshine was streaming through our windows and I decided not to move Liam but to just try to get some pictures of him playing with it. Benjamin wanted to pose for my camera and I told him to sit next to Liam. After that are the photos you see at the bottom of the storyboard.

-To Johny: Thank you so much for the lovely Chenda. As you can see my boys love it. I hope this post will make you smile too.

Children’s pool party | fun photographer!

Kids had a blast playing in the pool on July 4th.  It was Ben’s first true pool fun. Izzy started the splashing and they all joined in. Little Kylie was constantly excited and joyful despite a few falls. The adults had a great time watching the little ones enjoying themselves and I was just happy to get a bunch of fun and cool shots.

Lincy Jarowski Photography. Copyright 2011.

Little boy Ben and his little car

I took some pictures of Ben playing with his little car around my Curry Plant. He loved to show his car for my camera and we got some nice pics. I really like how the story boards and processing turned out.   However I used the action “Sweet Honey” from Pretty Presets  to start my editing from lightroom. My storyboards are not perfect.  Nonetheless they are inspired by the ever popular MCP Actions storyboards.

I really am impressed how the use of the wide aperture in these pics turned out. I think I can fall in love with the famous ‘creamy bokeh’.

Now that Liam is bigger, I find more time to play with my camera and get back into rhythm. If he keeps sleeping well through the night, then I get more time to play with editing as well. Whoohoo!

Stay tuned, I have a similar post for Liam coming up and he’s playing with an Indian drum. It’s called ‘The Chenda’.

Happy Mother’s day!

Shirley and children,

Thank you for your patience and the golden opportunity to photograph your fun family for the Mommy and Me giveaway. Maya and Matthew, I am really pleased to have captured your love and heart-felt joy you have for your mother in these photographs.

Happy Mother’s day to all mothers!


For a lucky mother….my first giveaway

So, to kick off the spring of 2010 I decided to do a giveaway photoshoot to a mother and her child(ren) -a “Mommy & me” session. The winner  will receive photoshoot time upto 3 hrs and a DVD of the images.

The inspiration for this giveaway is my joy of being a mother myself who has an adorable son.

To enter the contest all you have to do is tell me why you deserve to be the lucky winner.  You can leave a comment below or email me

The winner will be selected and announced on April 18th. The photoshoot will be on April 25th. Make sure you are available for this date when you apply.

And remember, your a mother’s child too. So get your mothers to apply. This contest is for all mothers…children can be little ones or adults!


Beautiful children | kidz portraits

We had a family gathering on Thanksgiving weekend and it was nice to take pictures of my nephews and neices. Here are a few I managed to get after somehow getting the kidz still for posing. Alisha, Alina, Shanan,Sariel, Jake and Christina…thank you little ones for being still for 30 seconds !