I am so excited!! I got my new official Professional monitor! I am still waiting on my new computer to arrive too but I had to share this. I have bought computers in the past but never put so much energy into researching a monitor until now. It cost  me a lot of sleep and caused me headaches to figure out what I needed for my editing  that would be budget friendly. Honestly I couldn’t find anything that would provide me with quality color management unless I surpassed the $500 mark.  So here it is.  I settled on an NEC monitor.

This is what sold me> Reliable company, expensive but got a decent deal from B&H photo , 14 bit color, compatible with EyeOne Display2 calibration, raving reviews and recommendations from

The WOW factor== 24″ is HUGE! My old monitor which I thought was a large size -21″ looks so small now.

I had Steven open it up for me as I just watched the monitor unravel and smiled with joy.


FREE Marketing series for photographers


There’s this really cool event happening  this September  28th and 29th . 16 incredible photographers are coming together to telesummit and teach photographers how to market themselves. You can purchase the recording too for $99. But if you just want to be able to listen to the telesummit is FREE!  I also noticed when you register they give you the option to buy it at $49 the day of registration. I went ahead and made a purchase myself. I wont be able to sit on the phone for both days. And as my business grows I know the info will come in handy. It will be available for download after the recordings have been processed. I think this is a great opportunity for any one looking to make their photography a successful business. To go to the website click here – The Joy of Marketing.