Little boy Ben and his little car

I took some pictures of Ben playing with his little car around my Curry Plant. He loved to show his car for my camera and we got some nice pics. I really like how the story boards and processing turned out.   However I used the action “Sweet Honey” from Pretty Presets  to start my editing from lightroom. My storyboards are not perfect.  Nonetheless they are inspired by the ever popular MCP Actions storyboards.

I really am impressed how the use of the wide aperture in these pics turned out. I think I can fall in love with the famous ‘creamy bokeh’.

Now that Liam is bigger, I find more time to play with my camera and get back into rhythm. If he keeps sleeping well through the night, then I get more time to play with editing as well. Whoohoo!

Stay tuned, I have a similar post for Liam coming up and he’s playing with an Indian drum. It’s called ‘The Chenda’.


Another Autumn Day…

Photos taken at Gunpowder state park, Maryland.

little straw doll | loving photoshop

I just wanted to share a photograph that I played with. My workflow almost always starts out in lightroom and  ends in photoshop.  As much as editing can be a headache and time consuming ,I love it very very much; provided all is well at home of course!

Terri’s family | family portrait photographer

I was going for a little bit of cross processing effect here. I really like it. I think theres a lot of room for improvement. I dont have my skills down yet.  But for now I think it works. You always start out somwhere right? And like I said in my bio, this is my journey with photography.

Thank you Terri, you and your family were just awesome. Thanks for having me take your photos! You all were great to work with!

Terri Family -Meadow Lark 044 edit logo

Terri Family -Meadow Lark 304-edited logo-3


terri family-meadow lark (242 of 357) logo


Terri Family -Meadow Lark 148 logo


terri family-meadow lark (349 of 357)


My senses have been awakened to LAB color mode.

I just got to know about editing in LAB Color mode instead of the RGB. Mind you, I am no expert on this but I am still in the process of learning. Apparently its great for color and saturation therapy to your photos.  So I decided to go back in time again to my California travels in 2007. Pulled out a Seattle favorite and decided to give it a  massage in  LAB mode. Its not that great. But practice makes perfect right?

SanfranToSeattle 053-3

Seattle,  view taken from the space needle.

Win a new Tamron lens at MCP Actions Blogsite!

Guess what, I have referred on my blog about . Its a great website not only for photographers but for other hobbyists as well.  I have been following the website for awhile which led me to become a fan of MCP Actions is  a website dedicated to help photographers learn photoshop better.  They have a lot of cool information if your a photographer looking for some photoshop help and inspiration. MCP actions is currently giving away a Tamron lens and you can win one too.  All you got to do is go to the blog post Win an SLR lens and follow the directions.

I know  I would be ecstatic if I won the lens. Entries close sunday so get your self moving fast before they close.

Wish me luck my friends!!!

confused abt my blog theme

I cant find a theme I solidly like. I guess until I build my own theme I am going to be changing the face of this blog. Now the only thing that is stopping me from building my own theme is ….guess…. learning CSS! Now how am “I” going to do that?!

Well. I got to start thinking more seriously about learning this programming language. Its just that… its not my cup of tea.


I have an idea!

Does anyone know a student who might be interested in some summer work – designing a blog site with CSS maybe 😀 ?

I like this idea better than me learning programming.

My little sunshine…you make me happy…

L RockRunPark-24


I feel like its been so long since I have posted a blog. For awhile there I was on a roll. Well I have a few projects I am working on and they are still not ready to be posted. But I edited some pics I took of Benjamin last weekend at Red Rock Park.  Justin and Steve came along and we had some fun. The park is a nice place to visit. The overlook was not that impressive as I thought it would be. But it was worth the hike and evening that we spent. We got there a little later than I wanted,  but I worked with available light I had and these came out pretty good. I love the ones with the sun flaring into the photo. I never even thought sun flaring in photos was an acceptable attribute in photography until I saw some really awesome photographers using it in their shots. So this time I wasn’t afraid of the sun. I tried to actually use the flare and make these look interesting. Let me know what you think. Have a happy week….its supposed to be gorgeous all week long!


L RockRunPark-17


L RockRunPark-5_3


L RockRunPark-29


L RockRunPark-21













Daddy, will you eat my giraffe?

I wanted to get some really high saturated colors and I played with photoshop a little bit and this is what I got.  I really do like the colors. It could be better. But I am happy with this right now.