Free Story Board Actions | July 4th giveaway

1 main 3 small

4 main 1 side bar

**UPDATE** 10/2012

This free giveaway is NOW CLOSED. I apologize for those who still come across this post in the hopes of receiving these actions.

** UPDATE** 9/2011

After sending out different panel actions depending on each request, I have found it easier for me to just send you all the panel actions together. That way you don’t have to choose a certain one and you can try all of them. Unless mentioned otherwise these actions are available anytime. Just contact me.


As you can see, for the past several weeks I have been playing with Blog Board/ Panels. Trying to learn how to make them and getting creative as well.

If you like any of my blog boards/panels just contact me and I will email you the Board action requested. The actions are created with Photoshop CS4 so I do not know if they will work with Photoshop Elements. The reason why I do not have them for download on this blog is because I do not know how to make them available without paying someone to host them.

9 Squares

Rounded 3 Large 3 small

You must have some familiarity with using actions. Directions on how to download and install them are all over the web. So I have not taken the time to type it out here. However if you have any questions I will be glad to help you understand how to use them and manipulate them to your taste.

So if you are interested just contact me with the subject title “Request for Free Blog Ps Action” and indicate the name of the blog board you are interested in.


Subject: Request for Free Blog Ps Action

Body: 1 main 4 subs. Thanks!


Baked ziti post.

If you have any ideas on how to make files downloadable directly from my blog let me know.  Remember I have the free WordPress blog version and not WordPress 3.1.3 version . Would love to learn how to do that too!


Car and curry plant | Middle River Photographer

I have a wonderful aromatic curry plant that provides me enough curry leaves for my Indian cooking. And my little boy has a favorite little car. So when he puts them together , what do I focus on? Another photo panel to follow-up on this one will be posted soon . So stay tuned.


Story board inspired by MCP actions.

Liam can sit up and sleep at night!

Update 6/29/2011: Last night Liam woke up only twice! It’s a miracle! The last six days I have been getting some sleep now that Steven is in charge of attending to Liam when he wakes up and cries on average 9 times a night. (It was every 45 minutes and in between) Its been a long 7.5 months for me and Steven. We had tried the ‘cry it out’ twice, co-sleep, strict routines, and other stuff too. Nothing was working with him. Until Daddy decided to take over and baby realized he’s not getting mommy anymore for milk or cuddle all night long. Only exception we agreed on was to let him be nursed at 4.00 AM. And it looks like its working. I hope this time it sticks!

6/25/2011:  Liam started to sit up when he was 6 months. He has not been sturdy enough and would fall over quickly unless he was holding on to something. He can now sit up quite well but the occasional fall over still does happen.

Baby Sariel



We went to visit our newest member of our family Baby Sariel. He’s a cutie pie with a proud big sister and a big brother who’s a little confused about all the commotion. I setup a little studio with some helpers holding green sheets for background,as you can see below with 2 speedlights; one bounced off the ceiling and one illuminating the backgroud. It was a quick and fun family get together. I had a blast getting the kids to look at my camera. Benjamin did so well when I played peekaboo to get him to smile. As for our little chap Shaun, he did everything we asked except smile 😦









I feel the blues

My baby in now 10 months. 2 months shy of his 1st birthday. My goodness, they grow up so fast. I am starting to feel the blues…. He’s a very affectionate beautiful boy. He gives kisses on his own accord when he wakes up in the morning or when he sees me after a awhile of being away. He loves to rub his face against my mine. He will be walking soon and then he will be running and then we will be fighting…. Time will fly fast. But for now I will hold on to my baby and hold him close. We are truly blessed by the wonderful grace of God.


Coltons Baptism

Teresa and Mike invited us to their son’s baptism and he was soooo cute!. I didnt have the best view but I took some shots the best I could. 












I love her in this photo. One of my best shots of the event I think.  I just love how she stays beautiful and calm holding her baby. I was able to change the color of the picture to the sutle pastels and its cool how the pink in her dress created some sutle drama.

Also in this photo is  where I see my D70’s limitations. Unfortunatley with my zoom lens its just wont cut it like the above pics which were taken with my 50mm prime lens. So I played with photoshop to enhance as best as I could. Well it will still be awhile before I can get that Nikon D300!! and maybe a faster zoom too…who knows… maybe my husband, you think???  Wait till then shots like these in low light will be awesome! 


I dont know who this girl is but she was part of the Baptism guests. I thought she looked cute and her pink outfit looked so pretty when I photoshoped the image to the sutle colors.


And heres Colton, as a bran new Christian boy! Hurray!


Thanks Teresa and Mike, for letting me photograph your son’s baptism!