The winner is….

Shirley Mathai, you are the winner!

The winning entry of the “Mommy and Me” contest was entered by Joey Mathews.

He wrote for his sister-

“Shirley is a single mom to her two kids: Matthew (10) and Maya (5).  In the last two years, Shirley’s life was marked by a series of events each more trying than the last:  She dealt with a divorce, being laid off from her job of over 10 years, relocating to a new city, and finally being diagnosed with and treated for advanced stage breast cancer.

Throughout it all, the thought of her two kids was what kept her going strong.  I can’t imagine anyone being dealt a hand so adverse, yet manage to maintain such a positive role.

Shirley is well on the road to recovery, though the chemotherapy and radiation have taken her hair.  She’s somewhat self-conscious about her new wig, and I believe a photoshoot would go a long way in helping her realize that the example she’s set for her kids speaks volumes more about her character than her hair. I can’t think of anyone more deserving.”

This entry moved me so much. I want to congratulate Shirley for being such a great sport and role model to all of us mothers.

Congratulations Shirley!