Star Gazer Lilies

Beautiful Lilies bloomed in our neighbor’s garden. Here are few that I loved.


My senses have been awakened to LAB color mode.

I just got to know about editing in LAB Color mode instead of the RGB. Mind you, I am no expert on this but I am still in the process of learning. Apparently its great for color and saturation therapy to your photos.  So I decided to go back in time again to my California travels in 2007. Pulled out a Seattle favorite and decided to give it a  massage in  LAB mode. Its not that great. But practice makes perfect right?

SanfranToSeattle 053-3

Seattle,  view taken from the space needle.

Pretty Leesburg Corn Fields.

Isn’t Leesburg pretty? I took these yesterday around 6 pm. I’ve been eyeing these fields for over a month now and havn’t gotten out of my home to walk over and get these shots.  Yesterday the sun was hiding on and off and I knew I had to get these before I lost my chance for another year! The location is right off of Evergreen Mills Rd when you turn from King St/ Rt 15 (Virginia). I get to see these fields everyday when I leave the neighborhood. Of course I photoshoped it a little bit but only to make the sky and ground properly exposed. Okay, I’m guilty, I did a litle bit of saturation too. But it really looks close to what my eyes saw with an added pop of color in the sky. The day was just right for photoshooting.  Happy July 4th!

Leesburg Cornfields 059


Leesburg Cornfields 076


Leesburg Cornfields 001 cropped 10x14


Below you can see what the first image looked like straight OOTC. Thats way off than what my eyes saw. So you know I had to use photoshop to pick up the colors and bring it to life.

Leesburg Cornfields 059-2 raw exposure