Tataleba Reunion and the eye project, Pittsburgh| Event photographer

The Tatateba Reunion at Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania

I missed the last 2 years because I was pregnant the one year and the next I had my baby. He was too small to travel 4 hours to the reunion. So this year we went and it was so good to visit everyone in the family after a long time. I was asked to take the Official Group photo and that was cool. We stayed at our cousin’s place this time instead of the regular Inns and that lend to a much more relaxed a fun weekend. Thanks Jason and Julie for hosting us and for the big BonFire!!! I am posting my favorite pics from the Reunion. At the bottom you will notice a fun project I did…

black and white (1 of 1) . Tataleba 2009_0064 bw

Tataleba 2009_0076Tataleba 2009_0176

Tataleba 2009_0077Sideling hill  2009_0269

Tataleba 2009_0127Tataleba 2009_0237

Tataleba 2009_0156


Tataleba 2009_0162



We all will miss you Uncle Charlie….Love you.

Tataleba 2009_0048



And for my Eye Project. …

Tataleba 2009_0219


Do you think you can pick out the males vs females from just looking at an eye? I was just curious.


Story Board-2


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2 responses to “Tataleba Reunion and the eye project, Pittsburgh| Event photographer

  1. Debbie

    The picture were really great. And I only identified about half of the eyes, and I know the people. I also didn’t realize we had so may blue eyes in the family, though there was alot more brown. Great job.

  2. Sandy


    Great pictures!!! Thank you so much!! I finally did the email…. The picture with Uncle Charlie and Donna is a real treasure, so wonderful you captured that sweet moment.
    Dare I say you have “an eye” for the right photo!!!
    Thank you and much love to you all.

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