Coltons Baptism

Teresa and Mike invited us to their son’s baptism and he was soooo cute!. I didnt have the best view but I took some shots the best I could. 












I love her in this photo. One of my best shots of the event I think.  I just love how she stays beautiful and calm holding her baby. I was able to change the color of the picture to the sutle pastels and its cool how the pink in her dress created some sutle drama.

Also in this photo is  where I see my D70’s limitations. Unfortunatley with my zoom lens its just wont cut it like the above pics which were taken with my 50mm prime lens. So I played with photoshop to enhance as best as I could. Well it will still be awhile before I can get that Nikon D300!! and maybe a faster zoom too…who knows… maybe my husband, you think???  Wait till then shots like these in low light will be awesome! 


I dont know who this girl is but she was part of the Baptism guests. I thought she looked cute and her pink outfit looked so pretty when I photoshoped the image to the sutle colors.


And heres Colton, as a bran new Christian boy! Hurray!


Thanks Teresa and Mike, for letting me photograph your son’s baptism!


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