Portraits | two little children



My love and joy at home…

Will be sharing some of these…taken with my new Panasonic lumix DX5BenAndMommyPanel

Star Gazer Lilies

Beautiful Lilies bloomed in our neighbor’s garden. Here are few that I loved.


I am so excited!! I got my new official Professional monitor! I am still waiting on my new computer to arrive too but I had to share this. I have bought computers in the past but never put so much energy into researching a monitor until now. It cost  me a lot of sleep and caused me headaches to figure out what I needed for my editing  that would be budget friendly. Honestly I couldn’t find anything that would provide me with quality color management unless I surpassed the $500 mark.  So here it is.  I settled on an NEC monitor.

This is what sold me> Reliable company, expensive but got a decent deal from B&H photo , 14 bit color, compatible with EyeOne Display2 calibration, raving reviews and recommendations from Photo.net.

The WOW factor== 24″ is HUGE! My old monitor which I thought was a large size -21″ looks so small now.

I had Steven open it up for me as I just watched the monitor unravel and smiled with joy.

Little boy Ben and his little car

I took some pictures of Ben playing with his little car around my Curry Plant. He loved to show his car for my camera and we got some nice pics. I really like how the story boards and processing turned out.   However I used the action “Sweet Honey” from Pretty Presets  to start my editing from lightroom. My storyboards are not perfect.  Nonetheless they are inspired by the ever popular MCP Actions storyboards.

I really am impressed how the use of the wide aperture in these pics turned out. I think I can fall in love with the famous ‘creamy bokeh’.

Now that Liam is bigger, I find more time to play with my camera and get back into rhythm. If he keeps sleeping well through the night, then I get more time to play with editing as well. Whoohoo!

Stay tuned, I have a similar post for Liam coming up and he’s playing with an Indian drum. It’s called ‘The Chenda’.

Beautiful children | kidz portraits

We had a family gathering on Thanksgiving weekend and it was nice to take pictures of my nephews and neices. Here are a few I managed to get after somehow getting the kidz still for posing. Alisha, Alina, Shanan,Sariel, Jake and Christina…thank you little ones for being still for 30 seconds !

Baby Griffin | newborn photographer

Beautiful Baby Griffin. It was my joy capturing beautiful moments of him.  This beautiful boy will grow up strong and fine with wonderful parents showing him how to rock this world!

Thanks Kris and Jen for letting me photograph your baby boy. 


Griffin Fitze (8)


Griffin Fitze (30)


Griffin Fitze (20)


Griffin Fitze (58)


Griffin Fitze (69) portrait 8x10


Griffin Fitze (95)


Griffin Fitze (103) vintage


Griffin Fitze (75) BW


Griffin Fitze (111) B&W 8x10 sepia


Baby Sariel



We went to visit our newest member of our family Baby Sariel. He’s a cutie pie with a proud big sister and a big brother who’s a little confused about all the commotion. I setup a little studio with some helpers holding green sheets for background,as you can see below with 2 speedlights; one bounced off the ceiling and one illuminating the backgroud. It was a quick and fun family get together. I had a blast getting the kids to look at my camera. Benjamin did so well when I played peekaboo to get him to smile. As for our little chap Shaun, he did everything we asked except smile 😦









Baby Gianna’s photos are here!

Here are some of my favorites from my session with Steve and Eleni’s beautiful daughter Gianna. For more, click on the link from my gallery “Baby Gianna”.











I love this one below …beautiful family….











Baby Gianna

And a week before easter beautiful little Gianna was born to Steve and Eleni. I love that name-Gianna.  I find it to be so beautiful and it fits her perfectly. I photographed her Easter Monday. Give me a week from now…I will have the photos done and remember to access the slideshow on the right coloum under Galleries…..