Liam can sit up and sleep at night!

Update 6/29/2011: Last night Liam woke up only twice! It’s a miracle! The last six days I have been getting some sleep now that Steven is in charge of attending to Liam when he wakes up and cries on average 9 times a night. (It was every 45 minutes and in between) Its been a long 7.5 months for me and Steven. We had tried the ‘cry it out’ twice, co-sleep, strict routines, and other stuff too. Nothing was working with him. Until Daddy decided to take over and baby realized he’s not getting mommy anymore for milk or cuddle all night long. Only exception we agreed on was to let him be nursed at 4.00 AM. And it looks like its working. I hope this time it sticks!

6/25/2011:  Liam started to sit up when he was 6 months. He has not been sturdy enough and would fall over quickly unless he was holding on to something. He can now sit up quite well but the occasional fall over still does happen.


Baby Gabriel | newborn portraits

I went to visit Baby Gabriel, my new little nephew. He is so adorable ! Newborns have so many expressions and I was able to capture a few. He loves to keep his hands in front of his face as you can see in the pictures. He is such cutie.

Grason | newborn photographer

Sweet little Grason. He was such a cutie. Check his newborn pictures!  Thanks Krista, you guys were awesome.





DFF_8694 BW.


Baby Timothy II |newborn photographer

So look at little Timothy here. I had a great time photographing him. Of course with baby challenges that gave me beautiful photographs. Isnt he so cute!!….Thank you Tim and Ty. Blessings to both of you.

Timothy II Vincent 061-2


Timothy II Vincent 026


Timothy II Vincent 030


Timothy II Vincent 098 edit


Timothy II Vincent 139


Timothy II Vincent 117


L Timothy II Vincent 035 BW


Timothy II Vincent 159 edit


My cutie pie!

He almost 1 years old! I cant believe it! It just seems months ago he was so tiny that his head to bottom just sat on my shoulder. Not anymore.

L Ben_June 09 (13)

Baby Griffin | newborn photographer

Beautiful Baby Griffin. It was my joy capturing beautiful moments of him.  This beautiful boy will grow up strong and fine with wonderful parents showing him how to rock this world!

Thanks Kris and Jen for letting me photograph your baby boy. 


Griffin Fitze (8)


Griffin Fitze (30)


Griffin Fitze (20)


Griffin Fitze (58)


Griffin Fitze (69) portrait 8x10


Griffin Fitze (95)


Griffin Fitze (103) vintage


Griffin Fitze (75) BW


Griffin Fitze (111) B&W 8x10 sepia


My little sunshine…you make me happy…

L RockRunPark-24


I feel like its been so long since I have posted a blog. For awhile there I was on a roll. Well I have a few projects I am working on and they are still not ready to be posted. But I edited some pics I took of Benjamin last weekend at Red Rock Park.  Justin and Steve came along and we had some fun. The park is a nice place to visit. The overlook was not that impressive as I thought it would be. But it was worth the hike and evening that we spent. We got there a little later than I wanted,  but I worked with available light I had and these came out pretty good. I love the ones with the sun flaring into the photo. I never even thought sun flaring in photos was an acceptable attribute in photography until I saw some really awesome photographers using it in their shots. So this time I wasn’t afraid of the sun. I tried to actually use the flare and make these look interesting. Let me know what you think. Have a happy week….its supposed to be gorgeous all week long!


L RockRunPark-17


L RockRunPark-5_3


L RockRunPark-29


L RockRunPark-21













Baby Sariel



We went to visit our newest member of our family Baby Sariel. He’s a cutie pie with a proud big sister and a big brother who’s a little confused about all the commotion. I setup a little studio with some helpers holding green sheets for background,as you can see below with 2 speedlights; one bounced off the ceiling and one illuminating the backgroud. It was a quick and fun family get together. I had a blast getting the kids to look at my camera. Benjamin did so well when I played peekaboo to get him to smile. As for our little chap Shaun, he did everything we asked except smile 😦









I feel the blues

My baby in now 10 months. 2 months shy of his 1st birthday. My goodness, they grow up so fast. I am starting to feel the blues…. He’s a very affectionate beautiful boy. He gives kisses on his own accord when he wakes up in the morning or when he sees me after a awhile of being away. He loves to rub his face against my mine. He will be walking soon and then he will be running and then we will be fighting…. Time will fly fast. But for now I will hold on to my baby and hold him close. We are truly blessed by the wonderful grace of God.