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My son. I love you Ben.





Ben and Looney tunes and Looney Tunes

I love Fair Oaks mall. I have been shopping there for 10 years now. White marsh mall, Towson mall, Tysons malls, Columbia mall, Leesburg mall, Dulles mall, San Bernardino mall, Irvine mall, Mall of America, Costa Mesa mall and Potomac mall are the malls that I have been to ( that I can remember). I feel none them have the cozy feel and shopping mood that Fair Oaks Mall delivers. I just love this not-so-huge yet fun mall in northern Virginia. Its so family and kid friendly. And as you can see Benjamin loved it too!

Fair Oaks Story Board

Ben’s birthday Cake

Benjamin’s birthday cake was awesome. I ordered it from Mary Elliott who bakes professional cakes out of her home. And boy ‘o’ boy it was delicious. I asked for raspberry filling and european butter cream icing. And she made it well.  As for the design…Superb!
You want to order too? She lives in Timonium, Maryland. Contact me and I can give you her info.




She made it so the top portion could come off easily. Ben loved it as you can see.


I know it looks scary to give a little 1year old all that cake! Dont worry, he ate about 15%  and stopped.  He was well done with it.


My cutie pie!

He almost 1 years old! I cant believe it! It just seems months ago he was so tiny that his head to bottom just sat on my shoulder. Not anymore.

L Ben_June 09 (13)

My little sunshine…you make me happy…

L RockRunPark-24


I feel like its been so long since I have posted a blog. For awhile there I was on a roll. Well I have a few projects I am working on and they are still not ready to be posted. But I edited some pics I took of Benjamin last weekend at Red Rock Park.  Justin and Steve came along and we had some fun. The park is a nice place to visit. The overlook was not that impressive as I thought it would be. But it was worth the hike and evening that we spent. We got there a little later than I wanted,  but I worked with available light I had and these came out pretty good. I love the ones with the sun flaring into the photo. I never even thought sun flaring in photos was an acceptable attribute in photography until I saw some really awesome photographers using it in their shots. So this time I wasn’t afraid of the sun. I tried to actually use the flare and make these look interesting. Let me know what you think. Have a happy week….its supposed to be gorgeous all week long!


L RockRunPark-17


L RockRunPark-5_3


L RockRunPark-29


L RockRunPark-21













Baby Sariel



We went to visit our newest member of our family Baby Sariel. He’s a cutie pie with a proud big sister and a big brother who’s a little confused about all the commotion. I setup a little studio with some helpers holding green sheets for background,as you can see below with 2 speedlights; one bounced off the ceiling and one illuminating the backgroud. It was a quick and fun family get together. I had a blast getting the kids to look at my camera. Benjamin did so well when I played peekaboo to get him to smile. As for our little chap Shaun, he did everything we asked except smile 😦









I feel the blues

My baby in now 10 months. 2 months shy of his 1st birthday. My goodness, they grow up so fast. I am starting to feel the blues…. He’s a very affectionate beautiful boy. He gives kisses on his own accord when he wakes up in the morning or when he sees me after a awhile of being away. He loves to rub his face against my mine. He will be walking soon and then he will be running and then we will be fighting…. Time will fly fast. But for now I will hold on to my baby and hold him close. We are truly blessed by the wonderful grace of God.


Daddy, will you eat my giraffe?

I wanted to get some really high saturated colors and I played with photoshop a little bit and this is what I got.  I really do like the colors. It could be better. But I am happy with this right now.