Behind the lens

This blog is about my journey with photography.  It shows you my current work and my ever evolving skills with taking Photographs  and Photoshop.

To visit my official website please visit

I have three loves, Christ , my husband and my children.
My husband has been my support and I could not perceive achieving my dreams without him.

My children are what make me feel content in life and being able to stay at home with them is a great blessing for me.

Would you like to hire me?

I do portrait sessions for newborns, maternity, couples,  seniors and families.

I also do weddings, christenings, childbirth photography and events.

For questions and pricing  please Contact me.

I hope you like my work and would love to hear your comments.


About Lincy Jarowski

Providing Wedding, Event, and Portrait Photography Services

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6 responses to “Behind the lens

  1. good work ,,ive gone thru ur phtotographs

  2. Dad J.


    Your pictures are wonderful. I am very proud of you and what your have accomplished.

    Few people can find something they love to do as a hobby (photography) and turn it into a profession. I know you will make your dreams come true.



    P.S. — Benjamin is a sweetheart.

  3. Shirley


    Its been a long time since we spoke! Your pics are really good!! Keep up the talent!


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