My little sunshine…you make me happy…

L RockRunPark-24


I feel like its been so long since I have posted a blog. For awhile there I was on a roll. Well I have a few projects I am working on and they are still not ready to be posted. But I edited some pics I took of Benjamin last weekend at Red Rock Park.  Justin and Steve came along and we had some fun. The park is a nice place to visit. The overlook was not that impressive as I thought it would be. But it was worth the hike and evening that we spent. We got there a little later than I wanted,  but I worked with available light I had and these came out pretty good. I love the ones with the sun flaring into the photo. I never even thought sun flaring in photos was an acceptable attribute in photography until I saw some really awesome photographers using it in their shots. So this time I wasn’t afraid of the sun. I tried to actually use the flare and make these look interesting. Let me know what you think. Have a happy week….its supposed to be gorgeous all week long!


L RockRunPark-17


L RockRunPark-5_3


L RockRunPark-29


L RockRunPark-21














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